A little change in direction…


Here, finally, is my much delayed second blog post.  There is a good reason for the long delay.  You see, shortly after starting this blog we found out that we’re pregnant with baby #3!  We are thrilled, but for obvious reasons wanted to keep the news under wraps for a bit.  I felt a bit disingenuous writing about ultra running goals that I knew would not be attainable this year and so I stayed silent.

This pregnancy has been rough so far!  Although I’m technically considered advanced maternal age (35 or over) I was feeling optimistic about coming into this pregnancy more my fit than my previous two and really in some of the best shape of my life.  I had visions of running 3-6 miles a day, maybe a 10 miler on the weekends, at least up until 30+ weeks or so.  However, my body had a different plan in mind.  My first trimester was rough.  I was very lucky to have had two prior easy pregnancies but boy has that changed this time around.  The nausea and vomiting were almost incapacitating.  I am so thankful that I had such a strong body to handle it.  Now, hopefully on the other side of that first trimester misery, I am looking at a body that has been decimated of hard-built muscle, weighing less than my fit pre-pregnancy weight and a complete loss of my aerobic fitness.  I went out for a run for the first time in ages yesterday (in part motivated by my new Garmin Forerunner 935 – thanks, babe!) and was a bit overcome with emotion at my snail’s pace.  My heart rate was up in the 150s with fairly minimal effort.  I am trying to keep a close on those things to make sure I don’t overexert myself as I am prone to push it and have trouble holding back.  I took a spin on my Peloton (more on that in a future post for sure) today and again had to keep things pretty light and easy.

I remain thankful for my health, my wonderful family and new adventures to come.  My blog focus is certainly going to shift, at least in the immediate future.  Mostly I’ll be posting about staying fit and healthy as the pregnancy continues.  My future ultra running plans will have to hold off for a bit.  I hope you continue to read and enjoy following along.  Here’s to a fit, active, healthy pregnancy and baby!  And I hope everyone had a Happy Holidays!

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